Home Textiles 4 You


GUPI is a Portuguese Home Textiles company born in 2018 as a result of a partnership between the parent company SN TÊXTIL and a German customer.

The group of 2 companies of which GUPI is a part is managed by its founders Sónia Macedo Dias and Natália Pinheiro Ferreira.

The company has relied on the strong dedication and commitment of 2 young women with well-defined vision and strategies in the National and International Textile Industry.

The group started its business with SN TÊXTIL in 2016 in a small office of 60 m2 where the entire process was controlled, from orders, purchases to subcontracts until quickly moving to a building with its own manufacture.

GUPI works with in two ways:

1 – Collections sent by the client designers where we develop the entire production process until the final product packed and send to the customer

2- We propose our developments that, if purchased by the client, become part of their exclusive products.

The company controls the entire process from yarn purchase, weaving, finishing, confection/packing and transport.

We have a wide range of fabrics that we work with, from satins, percales, panama…from dyed yarns, prints to jacquards as well as plain for the hospitality sector. All these fabrics are not only 100% cotton but also 100% linen, cotton/linen…

We attach great importance to the finishing of our fabrics, which can be in VAT dyeing for hotels or laundry. All of them with their specificities give a look and a touch that make a difference.

We are a company with a high concern for ecology, sustainability and protection of the environment. Currently investing in certification and bet in offer more sustainable products, such as organic yarns, different types of dyeing or even proposing fabrics in the natural color of cotton reducing the use of chemical components.

Our mission is to produce and distribute home textile products (bed, table, decoration and kitchen) that provide the customer with unique sensations of well-being and comfort. Combining product quality with a constantly updated design.

We work to the brands of our customers are increasingly prestigious and associated with a range of high quality products as in the pre-/post-sales service.